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San Rafael, CA

415 515-4625

Element Design Group is a creative agency made up of creative thinkers, designers, developers, writers and problem solvers driven by the belief that together, we can create meaningful brands and communications.


Element Design Group professionals have been branding companies, designing websites and printed material for over 20 years.

Element Design Group was formulated over 10 years ago by a group of independent branding designers, illustrators, art directors, programmers and writers who believe in helping businesses express their element - their authentic self - intelligently and beautifully. We are a professional collective that expands and compresses according to the needs of our clients. At most we are 10, at minimum we are one.  Our fearless leader, Laurie Bell Bishop - Founder, Creative Director, Photographer - has been at this for over 20 years and really knows her stuff. She will always be your first point of contact.


We like to like our clients.
We want to connect with you and have some fun along the way.

Your brand should speak to the audience you want to reach.
We'll always ask questions about your audience and point to them as we take steps towards creating or expanding your brand.

Meaningful design is based on a well thought out brand.
A logo or a website cannot just look pretty, it has to have meaning. This is crucial for the personality of a brand to resonate with the
end consumer to create loyalty, longevity and trust.

Good, ongoing communication makes everyone happy.
We are firm believers in teaming up with our clients and talking or emailing or texting or hanging out on google. . .
whatever works best to stay in touch and keep our project moving smoothly.

Consistency matters!
The look, feel and messaging of all your digital, social media, print, email, ads or displays has to align with one another
so your audience understands and recognizes you on all fronts.


  • Help you express your purpose and mission, beautifully and consistently

  • Build identity materials for new brands, extend existing brands into new mediums

  • Professionally photograph your team or leaders for web or print media

  • Create websites

  • Design marketing materials from business cards to trade show posters to retail store graphics

  • Manage your project, stay connected to your team and come in on time and on budget


So contact us and we'll get started on your new project.